Monday, September 5, 2011

Not Safe For Home #22

Click to enlarge.

If anyone is interested I've started archiving these comics on their own blog. If you've missed some or would like to read them again head over to Not Safe For Home.


  1. You are so random....and I love it!!!

  2. Another classic...right up there with Now For Something Completely Different. Gotta go check out your archive blog...later.

  3. This one was awesomely weird. Fantastic. Can banana suit Hendrik be contacted for appearances at parties and such?

  4. Very cute, the perfect labor day post.

  5. The banana suit is a nice touch. ;)

  6. @Alex, Thanks, I thought it made my glasses pop.

    @Marlene, I try to be as random as possible. haha

    @Chuck, High praise indeed, thank you sir.

    @belle, Glad to hear it.

    @Brad, I cater exclusively to parties that people can't tell if they're for kids or adults.

    @Robyn, Thank you!

    @MRanthrope, Thanks. Glad you like them.

    @Lemons, Well you know, it's not really a comic until someone wears a banana suit. haha

  7. The Banana suit was the Best....Can he really be a bitch? and what was that, M&M's on a string??

  8. I saw the banana suit on the Facebook fan page and knew this would not disappoint. I'm wearing a banana suit on my wedding day.


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