Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Dinosaur Party Candidates: Jeff

(Velociraptor - Carnivore)

Yeah, so here's the deal... I don't actually have any kind of a platform. I don't really care about the environment, or national defense, or even the sagging economy. Alls I wants to do is kick back, play some games, listen to some loud music, snack on a politician, and maybe watch a movie. What? Oh, right, I forgot, us dinosaurs are supposed to suppress our natural instincts to eat people. Forget that noise. I'm a dinosaur, I'm carnivorous, I'm going to eat people. What I will promise, is only to eat people who really have it coming. Think of me as a Jurassic Dexter if it helps. Point is... I guess I don't really have one. But Phineas and Ferb is starting so I'll check ya lates.

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  1. Hmmm...pro eating people. Not my fave candidate. :)

  2. If Jeff promises to eat Snookie, he has my vote!

  3. If he eats politicians I may vote for him.

  4. Perfect solution to keep the world pop in check...he can do away with the bad ones helping us from going bankrupt in the process. Will be back to read your short story, the word horror scared me off the first time.

  5. Ha ha ha - if he's eating only those that deserve to be eaten (love the reference to Dexter, by the way) - then I'll vote for him! May I send my wish list?

  6. Think of me as a Jurassic Dexter if it helps...
    That's enough for my vote. I don't think enough people are food these days!

  7. Aaaaaand I just found out who I'm voting for.

    Copyboy - But if he only eats bad people....what are you afraid of? -_^

  8. Yeah, if we can serve him some Kardashians and Jersey Shore for starters, he's got my vote.

  9. A co-worker has mentioned phineas and ferb - and now Jeff! I may have to check it out.

    I like the idea of Jurassic Dexter. Think Michael Bay is available?


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