Sunday, January 15, 2012

What We Learned This Week At The Non-Review

Yes, I brought out the above banner again. I use it when I feels Rockin' Roll.

So what did we learn? 

I learned that Alex J. Cavanaugh, loves Top Gear ( Me too, I've been debating whether to include it in the British shows column) and that Chuck loves MI5 (Then you should definitely check out Luther, same guy is behind it).

I learned that I can write a review for 3 movies at once and be as manic as I like and instead of invective hurled at me, some of you actually enjoy a little madness now and again. 

Oh, and then this happened. I managed to capture the moment with careful watching that my odometer clicked over:

Okay you can't really see it unless you enlarge it. The gist of it is that I hit 100,000 views. Mind you, that only measures since blogger installed the analytics, which was about 8 months after I started TNR, and in reality I hit that number a long time ago. But that's neither here nor there. Point is, I've come this far and still kicking. 

I also learned that a man will do anything for a potato, though I already knew that thanks to Christian Bale. But hey, it's always good to remember such wisdom.


  1. Congratulations!! And keep throwing madness at us - we like it.
    A Top Gear post wouldn't hurt either. Just a thought!

  2. Congrats to you. I always get a kick out of your blog.

  3. I'm sorry, I have to go back and re-read your post...I missed the madness...and apparently a good chance to hurl an invective or two. Dammit!

    Thanks for the plug!

  4. We do love your madness! Congrats!! Here's to a 1,000,000 more blog visits!

  5. well the potato is a very versatile vegetable....

    congrats on the big #

  6. Not only are you still kicking, you are still kicking butt!

  7. Congratulations. I think hubby wants a potato.


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