Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Cats Are Saying About Valentine's Day

We recently polled some local cats again. This time we wanted to know what they thought of Valentine's Day.

'Sir Reginald Plumperdink'
"I got my valentine this great, empty, heart shaped box this year. All I had to do was eat all those pesky candies. Now she can put in whatever she wants."

'Mrs. Kisses'
"Valentine's Day is a made up holiday to remind me that I'm still single. I can't help it if every time someone shows interest I get bite-y."

'The Duchess Gary Cooper'
"Isn't tomorrow your nephews birthday? Why don't you ask us about him? I like that kid... cleans up my poop."

"Mom says I wouldn't like Valentine's Day because I'm too naughty to be loved."


  1. That is one big ass cat! I like Melvin too! Cool cat with a cool hat!

  2. I started thinking about how long Melvin's melon helmet lasts and how often he changes it...I think I'm getting too involved with these cats.

  3. I'm more like the Duchess; I don't care about Valentine's Day. Poor Melvin, his mommy is so mean.

  4. Poor Melvin! I want to smack his mommy upside the head! I was still laughing about 'Sir Reginald Plumperdink' and then I read what his mean mommy said!! (jk) lol
    Happy Valentines Day!!

  5. oh Melvin....he'll enjoy that LOTR marathon instead of all that naughty Valentine's activity.

  6. Apparently Melvin has esteem issues...he seems to have done well overcoming them...then again he is wearing that green fruity helmet!

  7. Is it weird that I want a kiss from Mrs. Kisses? It is Valentines Day after all, and I accept the risk of injury.

    C'mon Mrs. Kisses, just one little kiss, c'mon, pucker up -- ouch!

    I'm bleeding! TS, I hope you have a good lawyer!

  8. Gosh darnit, does this mean you're still alive? I don't get Melvin? I had a nice little cat house picked out and everything. I mean, I'm glad you're still alive, TS. Happy Chocolate Day.

  9. I'm inclined to agree with Mrs.Kisses.

  10. The emotional abuse that poor Melvin has to endure!


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