Friday, June 8, 2012

Prometheus, Madagascar, and Safety Not Guaranteed: 7 Word Weekend Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - Proposed Tagline: "Because... Um... Uhhhhh... Why not?"

Prometheus - Remember Alien? Yeah, this is not Alien.

There are also some limited release thing-ys out this week? What? Yes, movies. I know they're called movies. I know all about films and cameras and ushers that give you the evil eye cause they suspect you of smuggling drinks into the picture. Look but don't touch. However, as I was forced to watch one of the trailers against my will, I've decided to take it out on all of them by not including them. Also the whole laziness thing again. 

...Oh what the heck, Safety Not Guaranteed looks pretty decent. I love a good quirky indie film like the next guy. No, not him, he's this guy. I mean the one next to him, hence the title of 'next'. Now you got it. The film is based off an ad that was placed in the back of a magazine some years back by a guy looking for someone to time travel with. It became a popular meme years later. From that some geniuses decided to make a movie. It looks good enough to check out on video, which is good since it's only opening in three cities.

I didn't post last week when Snow White and the Huntsman was released, or as I like to call it Snow White part deux. So I didn't weigh in. If you think that I'm was leading up to expressing a view on it, ha ha, fooled you. I'd rather talk about the summer as a whole.

Snow White did 100+ million globally last weekend. While that may sound like a lot, after you add in the marketing costs to the 170 million budget, you've got a film that's unlikely to even to get it's money back. The same can be said for MIB 3 which did a sad 70 Million domestically. That's for a holiday weekend no less. You add in films like Battleship and John Carter and the whole year has been pretty bad so far. 

Even The Avengers which is undeniably the biggest movie of the year, holds secrets. Sure it's number 3 in terms of all time worldwide largest gross, but if you look at the list of box office adjusted for inflation it's currently number 33. What does that mean? It means in short that fewer people still went to see it then went to see movies in the past. The current ticket prices with or without 3D are that much higher as to return the investment. While a success of any kind is good news for a studio, the fact that less people are getting out to see movies in general is bad for film. 

Call it a sign of the economy; perhaps it's just that the current slate of films hasn't interested people. Whatever the reason, the cinema has been a dearth ground this year. So how will Prometheus do?

The film had a lot of fans eagerly anticipating the movie early on. Ridley Scott returning to the universe of Alien (while not being an Alien film) has had a buzz. Some of that gold has already tarnished though due to some mixed reviews coming out of the UK. Not all bad mind you, but there's that thing about a bad apple and bushels... I want pie, that's what it was. The question then becomes does it have enough firepower to be a profitable film this year or will it be like so many other movies this summer, a beautiful disaster?

Oh yeah, and Madagascar will probably do good, cause it's a kid film, and the only cartoon out. And for some inexplicable reason, people love it. Interestingly enough both Madagascar and Prometheus are 3D and IMAX films. Which means they'll have to split the screens. Should be an interesting weekend to say the least.

What are your plans for this weekend? Geared up to see Prometheus or do you have kids dragging you to the world of cartoon animals?


  1. Seeing Prometheus this afternoon and after reading a few reviews, I'm prepared for a few minor issues. Hopefully not as many as found in the Huntsman. Also promised my wife we'd see Madagascar III. It better be funny.
    If you add up the cost of tickets for a family of four plus drinks and snacks, it's frightening. I don't know how people with kids do it.

  2. the kids saw Brave last night and said it was really good.

    1. Advanced screening? Coolness. I'm pretty psyched to see it myself.

  3. TS, that's a good point about Avengers. I was ready to call it a hit, but once you take the hype out it's been a slow year for movies. But, at least we have 3-D! ***Eye-roll***
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

  4. And this is all why I go to Tuesday matinee movies a week or so after they are out. $6 a ticket ($12 for 3-D) and almost emtpy theatres at 2 in the afternoon. Genius or what??

  5. Took the kids to see Mad 2 yesterday. It was cute and funny. Not sure how Budd's kid's saw Brave?? It isn't out until June 22nd right??

    My friend, was the associate producer on Mad 2 so I would go just to "support" her but it was worth the effort.

    Dying to see Prometheus but my friend won't go with me!! So we are seeing Huntsman instead.

    Did you get to see any of the movies this week?

    1. That sounds like a fairly good reason. I actually thought the first one was okay, but I watched a half hour special for some holiday or other and it was so stupid that it pretty much queered me on the whole series.

      I've never been a huge Ridley Scott fan, so I'm waiting for home release for that one. The next couple of weekends though have films I want to see. Brave looks great.

    2. Went to see Snow White and the snoozefest... All Snow does is cry the whole movie. I challenge you to find a scene were her eyes aren't watering!! lol Crazy! Definitely a "rental".

      I want to see Brave too. It looks awesome!

  6. The idea of a good plot over a big budget could help ... nah, that's silly.

  7. Out of the group, Prometheus is the one I want to see. I don't care about the relationship to Alien, prequel, sequel, or whatever. I want to see it and I think I'm going to like it, even if it has some shortcomings. Thanks for the reviews! Always here and always good...


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