Friday, June 15, 2012

Rock of Ages, That's My Boy: 7 Word Weekend Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Rock of Ages - What?! How is this movie not 3D?!!

That's My Boy - Yes, but for Samberg. Never for Sandler...

You remember last week how I discussed how bad the summer has been in terms of movies making money? How I sort of lamented the decline of cinema? Not to be entirely contradictory but I hope Rock of Ages bombs. I'm sorry to Tom Cruise fans, but it looks like crap. And this comes from someone who loves musicals. I just... no.

Then there's the other contradiction. I've said here a number of times how I loath Adam Sandler films and would never actively seek out to watch any. Then the he up and costars with Andy Samberg, who I do like. It's a natural choice putting the two of them together. Samberg has often gotten the tag of 'Next Sandler' put upon him. Except that he's already shown he's capable of playing more than one character. Sure it could change now that Samberg is headed away from SNL and will be doing more movies and TV, but for the moment I put him in that Paul Rudd flexibility. In that he can really fit into a wide range of comedy and even dramatic roles. The fact that he's chosen a BBC show for his next project gives me hope for his career trajectory.  

Next weekend will be interesting with 3 big releases hitting at once.

What are you watching this weekend?


  1. Rock of Ages is getting bad reviews so it will be something from my home library this weekend.

  2. I've seen ads for Rock of Ages at least twice now and I'm still not quite sure what it's about other than rock music? The ads I saw were weird and slightly ambiguious and also were trying to sell me pants which distracted me.

    I still hold out some love for Adam Sandler though, I'd rather see That's My Boy even though it looks meh.

  3. I'm watching nothing this weekend. I have no interest in Rock of Ages or That's My Boy. I thought of taking my kids to see Men in Black 3 on Sunday but probably won't since there is just too much going on this weekend already. So I'm watching nothing...sigh...

  4. yeah, whoever decided to green light this Rock of Ages crap should be FIRED.

    I haven't liked Adam Sandler since The Wedding Singer. This looks like no exception.

  5. Don't like Tom Cruise.
    Don't like Adam Sandler.
    I'll save the money and ignore both of them...


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