Friday, October 26, 2012

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, Cloud Atlas, Fun Size: Weekend Report

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Chasing Mavericks - It's like Point Break without the fun.

Cloud Atlas - People keep telling me I'll like it.

Fun Size - What an original idea for a film.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - What ever happened to just part II?

It's not like Silent Hill was such a box office draw that people look at the sequel and are like, Yes... Revelation, I understand. I watched the first one and it was alright, but didn't really warrant a sequel in my estimation. As far as horror movies being translated from games, I'm still waiting for a Clock Tower adaptation to finally get done. A serial killer chasing the heroine around with a giant pair of scissors... Now that's creepy.

Cloud Atlas has all the hallmarks of the type of film I should be interested in, but it just doesn't turn my dial. Looks properly trippy and everything, but I just glaze over at the trailers. I'm sure I'll end up seeing it at some point and love it, but for now I'm just not interested.

Did you sense sarcasm in my Fun Size line? Well give yourself a pat on the back and get a cookie. It looks like the washed up remnants of a thousand other teen films, and this one comes courtesy of Nickelodeon. I won't look down on teens for watching it, but if you do -yes, you know I'm talking only to you, singling you out- I will look down. 

Which leaves us Chasing Mavericks. Surfing. True story. 'Nuff said.

What are your plans for this weekend? With Halloween next week, are you planning on a scary movie fest?


  1. The first Silent Hill was all right at best.
    And Cloud Atlas doesn't interest me either. Not sure why.

  2. I am reading cloud atlas and it is pretty boring and the previews haven't really matched up with anything that I have read so far. That is only a good thing. I am now in the future part of the book, and it is the most interesting by far. It should have just been a novel about that.

  3. oh, hope you plan on participating in my halloween Scare Me! Blogfest. Should be a lot of fun.

  4. None of these movies thrill me. I actually read Cloud Atlas but it still doesn't make me want to see the movie.
    No interesting weekend plans. I just got home from a trip and would really like to veg but I doubt my kids let me!! lol Hope you have a great weekend. hugs, Stacy

  5. I guess I am swimming against the current...I am going to see Cloud Atlas at the IMAX!!

  6. I want to see Silent Hill very badly, but to be honest the 3D part is putting me off.

    Fun Size I've seen trailers for. It kind of makes it look quite vulgar...even for Nickelodeon. I think Nick's trying to go all 'Superbad' on us.


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