Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: A Good Day To Die Hard, Safe Haven, and Beautiful Creatures

This week saw the release of A Good Day To Die Hard. Today Russia had the meteorite shower that burned the sky and injured many people. Pretty crafty marketing there Die Hard. 

I can't say I've heard too many good reviews about the new Die Hard film. Not that it matters. Here in this country we like our heroes, even when they're refried the next year and served on a big platter of theatrical nachos. Guacamole optional. The Die Hard films are no different. The franchise produced two and a half good films followed by the ridiculous last entry. I think what must have happened is that the writers were disappointed that there wasn't an Unbreakable 2, so they just decided to keep that character going under the guise of John McClane

Whatever the case, I'll be a sucker and watch it eventually. It's a grand tradition for me. I saw the first one in theaters. Mind you, I had to have my big sister cover my eyes when the violent parts were happening cause I was just a little kid. Come to think of it, my first viewing of Die Hard was largely in the dark.

Naturally as it was Valentine's yesterday, there has to be the usual box office fair. Beautiful Creatures comes pounding on the door of all those teens going through Stephanie Meyers withdrawal. Don't worry, there'll always be angst ridden, magical teens in some form or another on screen. I don't know a lot about the books other than passing conversation, and I hope it stays that way. Far from being my cup of tea.

On the other hand, somehow I do -despite my best efforts to the contrary- end up seeing every damn Nicholas Sparks movie that comes out. With Safe Haven, both Josh Duhamel and Colbie Smulders have been pulled into his brand of hell. As I understand it Safe Haven is essentially Beautiful Creatures without any magic. Seriously, compare the plots. Same film just with older people. 

Nothing like crass broad comparisons to start the day.

My weekend is full without any theatrical endeavors. How about you all, what's on your horizon this weekend?


  1. Sorry about the Sparks movies. I've only seen part of one and that was enough.
    Wanted to see the new Die Hard last night (perfect Valentine's movie!) but the reviews were so awful, we skipped it. Even the fresh tomatoes were bad.

  2. Is there anything those marketing guys won't do to sell tickets?!

  3. I had always hoped for an Armageddon 2 which revealed that Bruce Willis survived somehow.

  4. Willis is another one of those actors who I love in every movie he has appeared. So I will se this one too. Damn, still have to see Looper.

    Unbreakable 2 would be great!!

  5. Oh Die Hard series....where did we go wrong? They should have learned by now No John McTiernan NO MOVIE.

  6. I want to see the new die hard movie. I'm just a sucker for them even if they aren't good. I hate Nicholas Sparks movies although, I too, end up seeing them one and all! SIGH... No interest in Beautiful Creatures. (was that the name?)
    I did get to see Lincoln, Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty this weekend! WOOT! I actually liked them all. ZDT was a bit slow and long and there was torture but still definitely worth watching. I'm watching Argo today!! I'm pretty excited to get to see so many movies because that never happens. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Stacy


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