Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Top Gun 3D, Side Effects, and Identity Thief

I'm trying to figure out which one of you requested Top Gun to be turned into a 3D film. I know it had to be one of you as some kind of a sick joke. I would understand if it was made today in this 3D crazed world, but seriously, why? You know what would be better? If they were to remake it today, shot for shot, with the original cast, and film it in 3D. Then people would praise it as a unique piece having all these older actors playing their characterizations of their younger selves. People would show the films back to back in theaters. It would become one of those cult things. And Anthony Edwards would be back on top of the world. 

You think it's sad watching Goose die? Imagine watching old Goose die.

Anyway, back in the real world... As if like magic there is a movie out this weekend that, if I was forced to choose between them, would send be flying into the danger zone. Nothing about Identity Thief looks good to me. I was tired of Melissa McCarthy's shtick before I ever watched anything with her in it. I get it, women can be just as crude as men. Now work on doing it while not being more annoying than a Jack Black 24 hour marathon. Add to that Jason Bateman who I once loved, but has been for several years, content to languish in the throes of crap cinema. Huge pass for me.

Thankfully there is some redemption this weekend in the form of Steven Soderbergh's latest, Side Effects. I'm not the die hard Soderbergh fan many seem to be, but I admit, whether or not they're good, his films are almost always interesting (for a notable exception watch Bubble. Actually don't watch Bubble. I don't want you to hate me for life). Side Effects looks like a great thriller. I like Jude Law in movies that utilize his ability to play the same character every time the right roles, Rooney Mara can be fantastic, and Tatum is Tatum. Should be a good film all around. That said, it'll probably be the Bateman/McCarthy crapfest that wins the weekend. Damn that pessimistic streak in me.

There's no judgement here in the weekend discussion (mostly). So tell me what films, if any, are you interested in this weekend? Are you itching to see a volley ball fly at you in 3D? Trying hard not to picture Val Kilmer as he is now, doing that volleyball scene? Are you a big fan of Mike & Molly? Speak out below.


  1. No, not the volleyball scene!!! There goes my lunch...

  2. You should be ashamed. I love Top Gun! My wife got us tickets for the IMAX 3-SD showing next Thursday and I can't wait. It is only playing for a week. Seriously, I can quote this movie verbatim...forward and backward. I have not watched it for a while so don't rain on my parade or I'll have to go supersonic and be there in 30 seconds to take you down!

    BTW, I saw Zero Dark Thirty yesterday and thought it was really good...s'pose you want to diss that one too??

  3. Totally no interest in any of these movies... Does Top Gun hold up to the times and warrant 3D? Seems like a waste of time to me. I'm sure I will see Soderbergh's last film when it comes out on video...probably. Anyway, if I see a film this weekend it will be with a couple of 11 year old girls so none of these will work for that. Thanks for the sweet words on my blog today!! I enjoyed reading them. have a fantastic weekend. stacy

  4. I actually really, really want to see the crapfest that is Bateman and McCarthy. I seem to have some unexplainable affinity for bad movies and horrible, stupid humor.

  5. I would only go see Top Gun 3D to listen to 'Danger Zone'. Also Anthony Edwards with a mustache turns me on.

  6. I would have liked Top Gun had Tom Cruise not been in it. I always think he is the weakest link in just about every movie he's in... This weekend is already set aside to watch the entire Fringe Series in 3 days. My granddaughter has the first four seasons on DVD and I have the fifth and last recorded... We loved that series... Or is three seasons and the fourth I have recorded. I don't know...

  7. I saw Side Effects this weekend and really enjoyed it. It's got twists and turns that don't insult the audiences intelligence.

  8. The now-version of actors playing Top Gun sounds amazing.

    I'd possibly suggest that they do the whole thing in pajamas, too. Really mail it in. I'd go see that.


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