Thursday, February 7, 2013

What Cats Are Saying About Side Effects

Once again, we recently polled some local cats to find out their opinions on an upcoming film. This time we wanted to know what they think of Steven Soderbergh's latest movie, Side Effects.

'Sir Reginald Plumperdink'
"I like Channing Tatum, he reminds me of myself when I was younger and thinner. Oh, wait, no, I'm confusing him with Jonah Hill."

'Mrs. Kisses'
"The court ordered that I try some medications recently. Because I'm too "angry" and "hateful" and "face-biting". So far the side effects include snuggling. I hate you all."

'The Duchess Gary Cooper'
"I'm not really a duchess you know. TS just puts that title before my name so people won't assume because of my name that I'm a guy cat. Sorry to break form, but I thought it was time the truth was told."

"Why do you come here Charles?"


  1. HA! That is so funny! Darn felines never want to cooperate and won't even answer a simple question.

  2. Gary Cooper is a girl cat? I'm traumatized...

  3. Melvin is so deep and insightful. Why does Charles come here?

  4. Steven Soderbergh hasn't made a good movie since Jurassic Park. Him and his Indonesia Jones mate George Lopez are as bad as each other.

  5. Dude...I am freaked out right now. My name IS Charles and I have no freakin' clue why I come here. Melvin is genius! I want a melon hat.

  6. I love the cats especially Melvin. He is so deep... ;-)


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