Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: After Earth, Now You See Me

Raise your hand if you'd like to see Will Smith do film again that would require him to make an effort. I see one, two... Oh good, everyone who likes Will Smith.

That's right After Earth is out this weekend. Will Smith and his offspring will be invading our screens. Reviews have been less than nice so far and none of the trailers have particularly roused anything within me. Than there's the fact that his name in the movie is actually Cypher Raige, which is just... Fantastic in the worst of ways. The fact that Shyamalan is the other key element in this time bomb makes it all the more enjoyable. Yes, enjoyable. I expect when it hits TBS half a year from now, to sit down and watch what should be a laughably forgettable film. As far as this weekend is concerned though, the entertainment will be derived from seeing how it does against Fast & Furious 6. 

Also out this weekend is Now You See Me. I have a soft spot for magic, heist movies, Michael Caine, and sleeping Morgan Freemans (I have a lot of soft spots... I should probably get that checked out). On the other hand Kurtzman and Orci have their dirty paws in it. I'm still waiting for the day the two of them implode to offer some sort of balance in the universe. No one quite creates crap, like they do. Still it seems like another good film to catch out of theaters.

How's your day going? Little slow? Alright, here's another hit of Morgan Freeman falling asleep. How can your day be bad after that? It's like watching a cat video:

There, everything's better now.

So what are your plans this weekend? I'm feeling nap inspired.


  1. Bummer Now You See Me is getting average reviews as well. The ones for After Earth are hysterical though.
    I predict Fast and Furious 6 will be on top again.

  2. I am actually going to go see After Earth this morning. I farmed out my youngest kid to grandma and the other kids are in school. I will come back and let you know if (or how much) it sucks. LOL I actually watched Will and Jaden on BBCAmerica last night and it was such a fun show that I decided to go see the movie today. Will brought DJ Jazzy Jeff and "Carlton" along and they were singing and rapping and dancing. It was actually really fun to watch. I always feel like Will Smith is faking laughing when he is on talk shows and it felt that way again this time but the dancing/singing was just so fun, he won me over.
    I thought that video of Morgan Freeman sleeping during an interview was hilarious. I watched it awhile ago. I wouldn't mind seeing their movie too but figure that will be a rental... Happy Friday!!

  3. I really, really hope that M. Night can pull of a good movie again, but I don't think he will. Freeman said he wasn't asleep. He was updating Facebook while beta testing a new version of Google Eyes. That guy's hilarious.

  4. Laughably forgettable should be TBS's new tagline.

    Also, that interview is great.

  5. Okay, you were right...After Earth was lame. I actually liked Will in it but Jaden was a whiney baby the whole movie until about the last few seconds and it was so annoying. I vote if you have to see it you rent it or wait until it's on TBS. Have a great weekend. Stacy H-W

  6. I would vote for F&F...get the action feel the roar!!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  7. I have this theory that M's movies would actually work better as books or short stories. I have yet to do the research of watching all his shit all over again to back it up though.

    Will Smith really loves his alien movies. Although when the aliens attack, I guess we know which celebrity will be the most ready out of all of them.

  8. I probably won't see After Earth because I feel the same way about Jaden Smith as I do about Justin Bieber. I feel like they are both being crammed down our throats...


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