Monday, July 15, 2013

Michael Keaton: A Life In Film

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you today's special programming. Most people don't realize that many an actor's films can be worked out into a presentable timeline; creating a single life in film. The Non-Review has endeavored to give you these road maps, starting today with Michael Keaton. While a name for his character is not important, since chronologically Bruce Wayne falls first, we will refer to him in the timeline as Bruce. Now, without further ado, Micheal Keaton: A Life In Film.

[Click image to enlarge]


  1. Love the fractured timeline w/ clones! Maybe he should have married a different prostitute!

  2. HA! More of your genius...
    This guy has been through some Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes...
    Did you ever do a "by the numbers" on him?

  3. End up as a toy for his granddaughter - hilarious!
    And damn, he must've found my clone machine.

  4. Brilliant TS. At first I was confused till I realized it's a fictional history based on his films. ROFL

  5. Following you from Bloggerdise New Blog Follower Club=)

    Jeanie Huston


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