Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim

How best to put my feelings toward Adam Sandler into words?

It's like when you go out to dinner with some of your friends to a nice restaurant where you order a great dinner. Everything is lovely at first, but later when you get home, you start to feel something churning in your stomach. Within a matter of hours you've gone from feeling great to hanging your head over the porcelain throne, praying to God to just make it stop. After the storm has finally calmed down, you feel okay again, but for the rest of your life, you never want to eat that meal again. Sometimes even the thought of it makes you queasy.

So, yeah, Grown Ups 2 is out this weekend...

Another scenario for you:

As a kid you take a dinosaur and robot and make them battle against it, than someone makes a movie about it.

Okay, so Pacific Rim isn't exactly that, but it's meant to appeal to that kid in us who's still destroying lego cities. As a fan of the Kaiju genre from youth, I've been excited for the film since Guillermo Del Toro first started talking about it. While there appeared to be a backlash started against it (oddly enough before any screenings) that's bee quickly replaced with how fun a film it is. It's also one that's amazing in terms of scope. This is the rare tpe of film that takes full advantage of being shown on a big screen. This is one for theaters.

In limited this release this weekend (probably on one or two screens in my guess) is a documentary called Terms and Conditions. It takes a close look at what you're signing every time you agree to the terms and conditions on site, and just what liberties you're actually giving over to these companies. Should be a good one to catch in the future.

Guess The Movie

Last Time: No one guessed the correct answer last time. The film was the 1989 comedy The Dream Team, starring Michael Keaton, Christopher Lloyd, Stephen Furst, and Peter Boyle. Better luck on the next round.

This Week:

So what are your plans this weekend? Going to grow up harder with Sandler and crew? Watching a bunch of mech warriors battle giant creatures? Heading out to buy a new pet hamster?


  1. I believe that's Young Sherlock Holmes. Fun movie.
    You described my feelings toward Sandler movies as well.
    Seeing those giant robots and monsters fight in just a couple hours!!!

  2. Young Sherlock Holmes Stained Glass Knight. (Thanks Alex) Grown Ups 2 looks as good as the that the Tidy Bowl Man? I hope Pacific Rim is good for the sake of the new Godzilla coming out.

  3. Just how does Adam Sandler actually get roles?
    Pacific Rim is a yes, but I'll wait until it shows at the super saver theater.


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