Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: The Family, Herb & Dorothy 50X50, Insidious Chapter 2

Do you enjoy long books? I do on occasion. I like the idea of chipping away at it slowly, savoring a chapter here and there. Okay that's a lie. In reality when I read a book of any size, I rip through it like a glutton tearing through a rack of rib buffets. Don't say that, you're going to come off as offensive, not to mention you're not exactly a stick yourself. Who said that? This is your conscience. Hmm... Thought I killed you years ago.

Where was I? Ah yes, books. Movies are not books. So what we can infer from a title like Insidious Chapter 2, is that there will be more to come. Much more. This isn't just a sequel, it's part of a saga. Now I like Patrick Wilson well enough, but that doesn't mean I was dying for sequel to Insidious. In the case of this series I'm like a vegan with a pound of meat placed in front of him. Now you're insulting the vegan people? Remember they're just like you or me except they eat differently. You make it sound like it's practically racist. Don't say that word, that word can be offensive. Besides, the Vegan are a humble people and they were on this continent first. I think you're mixing up vegans and Native Americans, which is just bizarre. Especially since I'm part Native American. Is that why you like salads so much? ...What?

Another sequel (of sorts) out this week in limited release is Herb & Dorothy 50X50, a follow up to the original documentary about the elderly civil servants couple who collected art their whole lives, building up a collection worth millions, which they donated to museums across the country. This picks up with Dorothy who lost Herb a year ago and her working to create a living tribute to him. I loved the original documentary and will catch this one when I can.

Finally the main attraction The Family is out this weekend. Mafia relocation comedy with Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, who is apparently still alive and not hiding under a rock. How dare you sir. She was in Dark Shadows and New Year's Eve. Wait, this is because she's a Vegan isn't it? Why do you hate your own people? Are you ashamed of your roots? Please, it has nothing to do with her being a vegan. I've just always found her to be a little dull. Dull! How dare you sir, how dare you. She was Catwoman. A national treasure. The film is written by the mostly ever up and down Luc Besson. At the very least, it's bound to have some good moments.

Guess That Movie

Last Week: Guano Lad for the second week in a row has guessed it correctly. The film was Day Watch, sequel to Night Watch, a Russian film from Timur Bekmambetov. It's a crazy fantasy flick that I, in an odd way, found to be more fun than the first one.

This Week:

What are your plans for the weekend? Going to have a Family get together? Reading a long novel? Watching your own conscience separate from you in some sort of odd dissociative disorder kind of way? Where have all the flowers gone?


  1. Heart and Souls!
    Nothing has my interest for the weekend. Insidious was all right but I didn't need a sequel.

  2. I usually ignore the voice in my head, but I do talk to inanimate objects from time to time. Where are the flowers, the girls have plucked them.

  3. Your conscience is only going to get in the way of what you do. Maybe an exorcism is in order. I'm not sure about this group of movies. I am sure about the Family though. I think I'm done with Robert Di Nero. I can't remember the last movie he was in that I liked.


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