Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Dear Mr. Watterson, and I Don't Discuss The Best Man Holiday

Marvel continued running laps around DC this week when it was announced Drew Goddard is going to pen the Netflix Daredevil series, while Melissa Rosenberg takes charge of their Jessica Jones series. I'm not bitter about it by any means. If you need me though I'll be weeping quietly into a pillow and holding on to the faint hope of Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark.

I guess we could discuss The Best Man Holiday, sequel to 1999's The Best Man. We could do that, sure...

Eh... Speaking of long waited sequels, Independence Day 4: Deuce, has been pushed back a year. If I may quote the best Star Trek movie ever (IV) "It's better for me, it's better for you, it's better for them". Now that I'm done outing myself as a geek (though, have you seen the site, I'm hardly hiding it) I'll make my point. The whole thing felt way too rushed as it was. Roland Emmerich got a little fuel in his tank and tried going at full throttle. The reality is that a film with presumably lots of effects, and (this is small) putting together a script, takes time to do it right. So here's hoping it's a better film for it.

Hehe... Chekov pronounces them "nuclear wessels..." Still funny.

Right, Best Man Holiday. Only wide release this week. Kinda sandwiched in between last week's Thor, and next week's Catching Fire.

That reminds me, you know what's not in wide release this week? Dear Mr. Watterson, which is however in limited release this week. Probably very limited at that, but here's hoping it makes it's way to a local indie theater soon. The film is a documentary about Calvin & Hobbes and the impact that the comic strip has had. It features a lot of other comic strip artists discussing Bill Watterson's creation. I've always admired that he refused to let Calvin be merchandised or turned into a cartoon. And the fact that he was able to walk away from it all and not let it grow old and repetitive, is amazing, adding to the magic of the collections. It should be a great watch.

Yes, yes, Man Holiday...

There's also a crappy parody in limited this week called The Starving Games. Which of you out there are continuing to fund these awful parody movies? They're never funny. Most of the jokes are people just spouting off what's happening and acting like that's a joke. Please people, for the love of all that is right, stop buying tickets and/or renting these films. Then maybe, in a few years down the line, we can get a solid parody from someone who knows how to do it right.

Right, I know, Holiday...

Not a bad idea actually. I could use a holiday, thanks. I'll start now by ending this column.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. No Holiday for me.
    All us DC fans have is the animated universe to gloat with.

  2. No holiday for me either unfortunately. haha

    You're right, there is one thing DC has had some good strongholds in. If they could just bring the animated sensibility to live action, they'd be golden.

  3. I love Calvin & Hobbes. I agree about Starving Games.When will it end?!

  4. Is it really necessary to parody "The HUnger Games?" There's only been one. I'm glad the date for ID4-Part 2 is being pushed, since he needs more time to get the ducks in a row.


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