Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Christmas Candle, Delivery Man, and Doctor Who

People don't capitalize on opportunities with movies they way they used to. The original House on Haunted Hill had a skeleton on a pulley fly above the audience, to freak them out. The Tingler had vibrating seats randomly throughout the theater that went off at key moments. Out this weekend is the sequel to Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Here's the perfect opportunity to have an all you can eat buffet served up with the movie, and theaters are just letting it pass on by.

There are a couple other options out with Delivery Man, the Vince Vaughn comedy about a fertility clinic, and The Christmas Candle, the latest Max Lucado joint. Neither's particularly relevant this weekend as they're going to play second and third fiddle to Catching Fire. 

Mind you Hunger Games is playing second fiddle in my heart to Doctor Who this weekend, which kicks off with the movie about William Hartnell and the start of DW. Then of course the 50th anniversary special, which will see David Tennant's (and who knows how many other previous Doctors) return. It will also see me giggling like a school girl at every second. What can I say, when I tap into my inner fanboy, all semblance of  maturity disappears. 

Any of you watch the mini-episode online with Paul McGann reprising his role as the Doctor? Sure the TV movie was not good, but I still like him as the Doctor and couldn't help but wish they'd commission a one off series for him. It could lead up to the events in the webisode. I heard some people had already started a petition for it as well, but I'm not that committed. I blogged though, that counts for something, right? Yeah, didn't think so.

I'm not abandoning the movies of the weekend completely. I suppose if you're a Whovian looking to hit the theaters this weekend, and you don't mind a little early Christmas mood, The Christmas Candle does include Sylvester McCoy in its supporting cast. Although honestly, he's always been one of my least favorite Doctors.

I know I posted this when I first drew it up, but it seems appropriate for the 50th special. It's my Ductor Who comic:

Click to enlarge.

*Yawn* So... Hunger Games 2... Katniss was dumb enough to get snared again huh? The best dystopian books and films are thinly veiled critiques of our current society and HG does a pretty good job of shadowing our real world within the trappings of science fiction. Plus, people kill each other, so there's that. Anyway, I'll get around to seeing it, but for me priorities are priorities. 

What do you have on the docket this weekend? Going to fast all the way through a movie? Going to try and connect with your 500+ children? Going to watch the Doctor, or the Doctor, the Doctor and the Doctor with the  possibility of more Doctors? If Winnie the Pooh was the Hunger Games, would Piglet be Peeta? Pretty sure Roo would be Rue, for all the obvious reasons.


  1. I have formally informed my family that Saturday is all Doctor Who Day! We will not watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, I don't care if it is a new double episode, that is why God created the DVR. As much as I would like to go see it in 3D at the theater my wife has tightened my allowance to the point of asphyxiation. Long Live Tom Baker!

  2. One day I'll watch Dr. Who and I'll revisit all your Dr. Who posts with a renewed vigor.

  3. David's response is awesome!
    Your comic was funny, Tim.
    Didn't like the first movie, so not seeing Catching Fire.

  4. Doctor Who day for me as well. Tom Baker said he's in the 50th. I have a feeling the special will get watched twice tomorrow.

  5. The first movie was so-so. I appreciate the fact that teen girls are there to swoon, but will be having a message hopefully still drilled into them.

  6. "Ducktor Who" could be a new series Tim! Day of the Doctor rocked hard this weekend!

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