Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smuag, Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas

'Tis the season for syrupy, saccharin, and otherwise gooey holiday films. Usually by the end of December I'll have digested so many Christmas TV movies that I'll find myself waking up in some random place, like a public restroom, and not know how I got there. It's a sad life for the Christmas movie junkie. Halfway through the month I'll be cutting Hallmark films and snorting them just to get my fix quicker.

Tragic, yes, but weep not for me. Save those tears for what's being unleashed...

I suppose worse things have happened to Christmas. Heck, originally it was a pagan holiday. So I guess in the grand tradition of that, out this week is Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas. In Greek mythology, Medea was a priestess/witch that left a trail of dead in her wake. Like Medea, Perry does his best to emulate, leaving a trail of crappy films in his wake. And thanks to this particular franchise, it would seem that will never end. 

I just hope the man never directs his own autobiography. I don't know if I could take Tyler Perry's A Tyler Perry Story.

I miss the non-hobbit Peter Jackson. The Peter Jackson who didn't drink from the cup of madness. Who hadn't stared into the untempered schism of time. Who didn't make boring films. I'm sorry, but did you see the first Hobbit? It was competent. That's about it. Everything was glossy and pretty like LOTR, but it already felt too long, and we're only hitting 2/3 of the way through. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will do gangbusters undoubtedly, and I'm sure when the third one comes out, it'll do so amazing, that Jackson will suggest doing some films based on the supplementary material of Tolkien. LOTR: Appendix A will be amazing in 2019.

Also out in limited release this weekend is Saving Mr. Banks. But that goes wide next week so that's for future TS to discuss (Spoiler: he wants to see it).

 How's your weekend looking? Getting into the Christmas spirit? Going to go watch some madman in drag? Going to go hobbit it up?Or would that be down, given their stature?


  1. Not ashamed to say I will be geeking out at a 3D showing of The Hobbit this afternoon.
    Perry has left a wake of bad films, hasn't he? What a legacy.

  2. Ever since Thanksgiving my wife has made me and the kids watch the Hallmark channel. So I am definitely ready for Christmas! I had heard that Peter Jackson wants to direct Doctor Who, and another Tintin movie.

  3. Those Medea movies are a never ending plague on cinema's and I want to see Mr. Banks too T.S.! We'll see how the weekend goes.

  4. Reviews for "The Hobbit 2: Hard Hobbit To Break" are a lot more favourable than the first, but that's not saying much. It doesn't come out here until Dec 26th, and I will certainly go see it. I just can't help myself.

  5. I think I'll end up seeing the Hobbit ... The last one was decent in my books (the first hour or so was skippable, but then it was ok? I think? I only saw it the once).

    Anywho - the appendix movie is a great idea. Not for me, I'm not that crazy, but I bet it would actually be seen.

  6. It would take a lot for me to ever see another Tyler Perry movie. After investing the time to watch the first third of the Hobbit, I found it to be good enough to watch the rest. We'll see.


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