Friday, January 3, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Now that you've left 2013, I don't mind telling you, I never liked it much. Didn't think you two would stand the test of time. This new year, 2014? I think you look great together.

Yes happy new year, and welcome to a month that's traditionally known as the dumping ground for film failure. Sure there's an exception or two, but just a quick look at what's ahead for the month, has me cringing. But more about I, Frankenstein in a couple weeks. 

In the meantime we have the release of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. I can't imagine the film will be any better than the awful title they've saddled it with. But then who goes into a PA movie expecting genius? I thought they were done after the last one, but I guess the beat goes on. I'll give the series another try once they finally give into my demands, bring Jim Varney back from the dead, and put out Paranormal Activity: Ernest Goes To Hell. Barring that my interest in the series is void.

Anyone else disappointed by Matt Smith's last episode of Doctor Who? The 50th was so well done that I was expecting a fantastic episode. Instead it felt as half written as most of the episodes from the last two seasons. Plus after all the build up by Moffat as to the mystery of the regenerations, he still went with what was pretty much every fanboy's first guess as to how to get around the issue. Given how good the New Sherlock is, one can't help but wonder if a little more juice went into one show over the other.

So what are your plans for the first weekend of this crisp new year? If you're in the northeast, I'm guessing being snowed in. 


  1. No snow here, but damn is it cold!
    I'm still catching up on December movies - seeing American Hustle this weekend.

  2. I think Moffat tried to put too much into the little time slot that he had. David Tennant had 2 episodes to die and so did Christopher Eccleston. In the Classics we didn't need it because of the way we had cliffhangers in the storylines. The 50th was just too much for the Christmas special to overcome. In the end i still teared up a bit. My wife is in love with Matt Smith, so I am kinda happy he is gone.

  3. I'm also going to pass on Paranormal Activity:Whatever.
    I didn't see that episode of Dr. Who. I've probably said it before, but I've never seen an episode I do like. I've tried several times. Hey, I like quirky, I like offbeat, but I just never got into this show.

    No snow here (I'm happy to say). We're hovering around 70 everyday. Geez, warm winds and fire danger.
    Happy New Year Tim!


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