Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Divergent, Muppets Most Wanted, God's Not Dead

I can't say I know too much about Divergent. I understand that it's based on a series of books for the young adult crowd and that it's meant to appeal the Hunger Games/Twilight market. Always one to be fair and give something a chance, I decided to read the comments on a couple different pages that had a trailer. The term Totes Amazeballs came up quite frequently.  While I still know little more than a basic premise, at least I can feel assured of its amazeballs-ness.

Casting a wider net this weekend is Muppets Most Wanted. I loved the last Muppets film, but that was headed by Jason Segel. The trailers for the new one haven't looked great. Detracting from it for me is Ricky Gervais. I used to really like him, but in the past couple years, I find his personality has gotten so acidic I need a Tums whenever he's on screen. That said I will always watch Muppets. This one will just probably be a rental for me.

The final wide release this weekend comes with God's Not Dead, a film that spotify has played ads for non-stop in an effort to make me actually pay for their service (NO DEAL! You will continue to give me free music Spotify). Kevin Sorbo amd Dean Cain together come together at last in this film. Admit it, that's a match made in Heaven. This movie has all the hallmarks of youth meeting night out. And I'll bet even half of them don't just skip out to watch Divergent.

In limited this weekend is Nymphomaniac Volume 1. Because for Lars von Trier, 1 film about a woman's sexual history isn't enough. I like Charlotte Gainsbourg, and I'd like to keep it that way. Not for me to say the least. I am really excited to see Jodorowsky's Dune, a documentary on the epic fail to bring the titular director's ambitious vision to screen.

So what are your thoughts on the weekend's offerings?


  1. As a Christian, I'm leery of God's Not Dead.
    Always a fan of Muppets.
    Guess they will just keep making movies out of young adult books until they have another big hit. Divergent isn't getting good reviews though.

  2. I will be taking my 3 older kids to see Divergent I will let you know
    what I think of it after we get back. Happy Friday!!

  3. I always love the Cameos in the Muppets. I know that I will have to see it with my kids. I tire of young adult films, although The Maze Runner looks like it might be good.

  4. If Muppets 2 is half as good as the first one I'll love it. I'll wait till I know some people that have seen "Divergent" before going.


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