Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Noah, Cesar Chavez, Sabotage

No doubt, Noah will be a curious film to watch this weekend. A biblical film not aimed at Christians, and done as a blockbuster with a heavy budget, is an interesting prospect to sell. I know a lot of Christians are up in arms over the movie, but I'm more neutral on the issue. Is it going to fall in line with my faith? No. Will it affect my faith? No. Is it worth watching? I like Darren Aronofsky. He makes films that are intelligent, and also visually fantastic. The Fountain (which I've heard a couple people compare Noah to thematically) is a beautifully shot movie with a story that requires more than one viewing. For me at least, I won't be watching it because I'm looking for a means of reaffirming my faith -no movie's going to do that- but to see one of the most interesting film makers today, at work.

And because I like watching destruction. Okay, mostly because of the destruction. But the other thing sounded good, yes?

Here's what I know about Cesar Chavez: Caesar makes the salad. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and the whole labor rights for farm workers thing. I guess that was important or whatever. I'm curious to watch the film, though I haven't heard too much on it, which is not necessarily a great sign. Still I like biopics and it'll be interesting to see how they showcase the civil rights hero.

Then there was Sabotage, the Arnold Schwarzenegger violence extravaganza. And violent seems to be the key word I keep hearing about the film. That and such exemplary praise as "okay" and "not bad" and, yes, even "adequate". I mean this is fine and dandy, and Arnold's turn in the next Terminator (which sounds bizarre), will be fun and all, but when is he going to do the Kindergarten Cop sequel the people want -nay, demand? 

Finally, out in limited is the sequel to the fantastic (though again hyper violent) The Raid. The Raid 2 takes more of a story telling approach this time around while making the action scenes count. Lot of violence in the movies this weekend. Violence and salad.

So what do you think of the films out this weekend?


  1. Noah and the Arnold will have to wait till Blu Ray/DVD.
    I work on a street that they renamed Cesar Chavez, and I still know nothing more about the man.

  2. A lot of people are excited about "Raid 2" saying the original did what "Judge Dredd" couldn't do. I haven't seen either, so I'm not sure. I doubt anyone is going to leave "Noah" was a renewed faith, but it might inspire them to go back and read the book which is worth something.

  3. Well, none of them thrill me at all. Maybe that is because I'm cheap. When I can see them for free, I'm on it...


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