Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Think Like a Man Also, Jersey Boys

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Think Like a Man Too - Starring Kevin Hart and his misfit gang!

Jersey Boys - Not to be confused with Jerky Boys.

I'm torn when it comes to Jersey Boys. Here we have a story about The Four Seasons. That should mean good music and an interesting story. But it's directed by Clint Eastwood and tha.... Zzzz
Wha-? Did it happen again? Dang it Clint Eastwood, your films are boring they should be classified as a sleep aid. Your films are so monotone that your movie about The Four Seasons is ironic. 

Okay, enough beating up on an old man who could probably still beat me up. Despite how I feel about Clint Eastwood's directing, I do still plan on seeing the film. Hopefully I'm not walking into a vacuum. 

I don't have a tremendous amount to say about Think Like a Man Also. Didn't have any interest in the first. Didn't have any interest in Steve Harvey's book. All the ads I've seen show a lot of Kevin Hart and little else. I like Hart, he made a stand up career based around being short. That's classic. But these films... meh. 

Actually, if any of you watched the first, please let me know what you thought cause I am curious if you think it's worth a try. And feel free to sound out below why the greatest generation is an amazing director and I'm full of it. 

Sorry, couldn't resist one last joke.


  1. Sorry, I dozed off during your post.
    I like Eastwood's films, but no desire to see that one.

  2. Four Seasons good, Eastwood boring.... Christopher Walken awesome.

    It would be great if he did a dance number in the movie.

  3. The first movie was OK, but Kevin Hart sold it. I'm sure it'll do alright.


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