Monday, July 14, 2014

A Word To All You Vandals

Sug was here.

Words I read etched into a bathroom wall. Someone's vain attempt at attaining immortality. But what does it mean to a person who may read that years later? 'Sug' isn't a real name. It's a nickname. One that only your friends and family know you by. When someone who doesn't know 'Sug' reads that, they have no clear cut image of you.

I'm not condoning vandalism, but if you're going to write something on a wall, let it mean something. Be you. Years from now should someone read your hand, wouldn't it be something if it made them think, or at the least, gave them pause?

Further more, to the couples that write their names in ink upon a table or bench, all you are really saying is that your love is temporary. Ink can be washed away. If you really are serious; if it is she and you, or you and he, then show it. Give some permanence to it. A carving will fair better and have a shot at weathering the test of time. Even if your relationship doesn't.

If you're going to deface property, than you might as well do it right. If you want your words to mean anything than you've got to make them stand out against the telephone numbers, random hate, racism and dirty jokes that fill the canvases of our public world.

In short, if you're going to be a vandal, make it count.


  1. On that same subject, was Kilroy ever really there?

  2. I find it humorous when Christians write Bible verses on things.
    For God So Loved the Toilet...

  3. Not the same thing exactly but my mom's a Christian artist. Doesn't really do it as much as when she was younger, but she has for years taken rock to be her canvas. On one side she paints a scenic picture and on the other a bible verse. occasionally she'd sell them but most of the time she would leave them in public places for people to find and take.

  4. I used to work construction when I was younger, and the guys would take a sharpie and write all over the porta pottie. I find it funny that they would deface someone else's property. If you are leaving a tract or something that isn't a problem, but if you in the name of Christ graffiti a "cousin john toilet" it is ironic.

  5. You are so right! In this case, I'm sure we all know who Brooks and Red were. But the rest of them, nope. In some cases, I'm sure people don't want to leave enough info that their moms knows that they are the one who vandalized something. Once, I left an innocent little bit of writing on the alley side of a local church when I was a kid. Somehow, they found out that it was me who did it. I had to work a month of Saturdays and Sundays at that church doing chores. They worked me so hard that I NEVER did it again.

  6. Like most things that are an -ism, you have to really apply yourself.


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