Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Lucy, Hercules

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Lucy - the sky with, I'm guessing, death?

Hercules - I'd like to see him battle Lucy.

And So It Goes - Quick, look! And there it just went.

Rapidly growing power. Strong female role. Indestructible killing force. But really, who wants to talk about a new Diane Keaton film? And So It Goes that I happened to abandon that discussion and moved on to Lucy....

Hey it's that lady that's in a whole lot of films these days. She sure is pretty (in that kind of looks like an alien sort of way). And hey look, she's gots these powers and can Matrix stuff and everything. Oh and it's by that Luc Besson guy, who never seems to be tired of making movies. He makes so many that the law of average dictates some should be good. Will this be one of them? Meh, I'll wait for video to find out. Or you guys can tell me. Either way, I'll be next door if you need me.

I would have preferred to see The Rock play Sisyphus in a film. I'll let that sink in for a moment as I know that one's a little painful. Still hurting? Well, we can't wait around forever so on we go. It's not that I don't see the entertainment in a Hercules movie, but a reluctant hero Hercules? I'll give them credit for skipping the origin story, but making him a dude that has to be talked into doing the right thing? Played out. I want a hero that just wants to be a hero. Give me Gary Cooper in a big bold western. Except strip the western part, cause I've never really liked them. Also Gary Cooper's dead (don't tell the cat), so probably best not to use him. But, yeah, that's the movie I'd rather see.

So what do you think of the movies out this weekend?


  1. Skip the Western part because I don't like them - funny!
    I'll let you know Monday about Hercules. That one won the coin toss for tonight. Will leave brain at the door. I'm sure it won't be needed.

  2. The Beatles had it all wrong. They could have been the first Death Metal band. I'm still waiting for Hollywood to CGI old actors into new movies. If they can get John Wayne to sell beer then they can have him star in a new movie.

  3. It's pretty accurate to the original Greek myths, though.

  4. Haven't read any Greek mythology in a long time. Though movies based on such are usually loosely so.

  5. Hercules is one of my favorite myths and The Rock is one of my favorite actors, so I'll definitely see this one...on video.

  6. Hercules, when it's free.
    And So it Goes, probably not.
    Scarlett Johansson, as soon as possible!


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