Friday, August 15, 2014

Weekend Movie Discussion: Let's Be Cops, The Giver, The Expendables 3

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Let's Be Cops - Probably not the right time right now...

The Giver - No, no, no, It is pronounced "MacGyver".

The Expendables 3 - The thing is, they keep not expending.

Life After Beth (limited) - I see what you just did there.

Septic Man (limited)- Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Eeeeeeew.

I know what you're thinking: "man I could really go for a sandwich right now." Also you're probably figuring, given what Septic Man is about (a guy trapped in the sewers who begins mutating) and my above response of "ew" that I'm not interested in seeing the film. To the contrary, I am interested. Much as the trailer alone grossed me out, it is written by Tony Burgess who has a track record for good, original stories. My love for Pontypool has never been hidden. Though just the movie. When I lived up in the area I remember Pontypool being pretty boring in actuality. No zombies or anything. And Speaking of zombies...

Life After Beth opens in limited release this week (did you like that I actually wrote a segue? I got all sorts of tricks like that). The film is chock full of names but also has gathered a lot of bad reviews. I'll probably still watch it on video anyway just for the cast. I was hoping for a funnier version of Make-Out With Violence, but we'll see. Speaking of seeing...

Okay that wasn't a segue into anything. Sorry, but I don't want to spoil you. You got one today and frankly one is enough for everybody. So, might I add, was the Expendables films (alright, fine that was a half segue, enjoy that). I haven't really gotten into the series. I hear this is the best of the lot, but that doesn't really mean much to me as I found the first one pretty boring overall. I skipped the second and will pass on the third as well. Speaking of dystopian teen fiction...

What? Well, we are now, aren't we? 

The Giver is the latest book adaptation to try and capture those crazy teens and their love of dystopian realities. Honestly, they're drawn to bleak futures like flies to honey like bears to honey like me to honey. Never read the book but the movie looks awful. It does however have that Taylor Swift/Meryl Streep tandem the universe has been craving for. Speaking of police abusing their powers...

Just bang on timing from Fox releasing Let's Be Cops when eyes have been on the police down in Ferguson. I doubt it'll have an effect on the ticket sales in anyway but that's neither here nor there. Course the fact that it looks like a rejected Seth Rogen pot-movie idea doesn't do it any favors in my book. Another pass for me.

Overall a mostly miss weekend. On the plus side it looks like the rest of the month is going to be met with a giant "meh" as well. Oh, right, that's not a plus. Speaking of plusses...

What do you think of the films out this weekend?


  1. Nope to all.
    Although you have my interest up for Septic Man.

  2. The dudes are getting old - eventually they will expend.
    As for movies, I'm going to see Guardians again tomorrow.

  3. I never thought about that cops connection, but hopefully it's not a big deal. I might catch Expendables but probably in the discount theaters. My money is on that pic.

  4. I read the Giver in ... high school? Or sometime. When I saw the preview for the movie I thought "that book was set in the future? And there were action sequences?" I don't know if i have a bad memory or it got the hollywood treatment, probably both.

    All in all, a pass weekend for me too.

  5. Nothing much in this group titillates me at all. So, now what will I do?


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