Friday, January 9, 2015

6 Pictures Of Angelina Jolie Pretending To Be A Frog

We all know the sexy and sophisticated side of Angelina Jolie, but did you know she also does amazing impressions of frogs? Take a look at the 6 pictures we found of her amphibious improv.

Simply gorgeous, but you're here to see her Frogger about.

It's not just the pose, it's the colors. All that work was worth it to make this beautiful frog come to life.

WOWZA! Look at Angelina dazzle as this Dart Frog.

Ha ha, gross Angelina! Though we must admire the commitment.

Don't lick Angelina as this poisonous frog or it could be a fatal mistake.

Just like the Superhero we know her to be, here's Angelina as Super(wo)man Frog.

Most impressive of all, Angelina is actually the smaller frog inside the other frog's mouth.


  1. I came here for sexy pics..I was not disappointed!

  2. She's talented!
    I guess Brad hasn't licked her yet...

  3. Ah well, I think I see how you made this mistake, but in fact one of these is not Angelina Jolie at all. The orange one is actually Anne Hathaway.

  4. I'm married of course but there are worse ways to go than licking Angelina Jolie. Like everything else.

  5. I was going to say the same thing. The frog has Hathaway's eyes. Common mistake


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