Friday, January 30, 2015

These 6 Pictures of Wilford Brimley Will Make You Reevaluate Your Preconceptions About Oatmeal

Think you're set on how you feel about oatmeal? Your mind's about to be blown by these pictures of Wilford Brimley.

Get ready to question all your values regarding oatmeal.

How do you feel about oatmeal now? Bet you didn't think about this when you passed up a bowl for that sugary doughnut this morning.

If you think of oatmeal as a bland goo, you've got the wrong idea. Many enjoy the taste of oatmeal each day prepared as a gourmet breakfast.

No diabetes here.

Bet you never thought about oatmeal on a global scheme, did you? 

It's okay if you find the above image sexy. That's not wrong. Not wrong at all. Body by oatmeal.



  1. I'm not sure which disturbs me more - his head on a body builder or the body builder herself.

  2. My daughter is allergic to oatmeal. I blame myself I fed her cheerios all day long when she was a baby. And how did you know I had sugary doughnuts this morning!

  3. I'm with Alex about the body builder. Wilford's head on her body is an improvement...


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