Friday, February 6, 2015

These Walls Could Talk

Not only could these walls talk, but when we listened in, they had some pretty insightful things to say.

"Estoy erosionando como el castillo de arena"

"This ***damned bench, already."

"I've never cared for Pat Sajak as a person. As a host...he's unbeatable."

"I grew up, not a stone's throw from here."

"Whatever happened to that fat kid from The Goonies?"

"More and more often I find myself saying I can't believe it's already _____."

"I saw a rooster the other day. It may have been a turtle."

"I've never found the bottom of that bottle yet."


  1. Not sure which one I like more, Gonnies or Sajak.

  2. What about the "Attack of..." movies, such as "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" weren't those awesome 'B' rated movies?

  3. Who knew walls were so philosophical?

  4. Maybe walls just don't like me, but I've never gotten so much as a nod from one.

    Funny stuff Tim!


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