Friday, February 13, 2015

We Dare You Not To Think Of These Kittens While Watching 50 Shades Of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is out this weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day. Good luck watching it with your partner and NOT thinking of these adorable kittens.

Try not to remember this sweet ball of ginger fluff when Christian and Ana first meet.

This lovable rascal shouldn't pop into your head as the tension builds between the two leads.

Whatever you do, don't think of this purr machine begging to be petted as Ana and Christian share a kiss.

These two sweethearts are waiting for you to play with them, but don't think about that as Ana and Christian work out a contract. 

Definitely clear your head of this little one as you enjoy Dakota Johnson's performance.

There aren't even any marshmallows in the film, no reason to worry about suddenly thinking of this angel.

When you're watching the BDSM scenes, for goodness sake, don't suddenly remember this kitten that got tuckered out while playing with string,

None of these tired babies should bother your brain while you enjoy your erotic movie.


  1. Actually, I'd rather think about the kittens than watch that film.

  2. LOLA well I'm not watching the movie these cute little guys will be with me when I watch Star Wars which would be cool.

  3. Great! Now all I can think of is Marshmallows!

  4. It's kittens for me also! I don't mind thinking about them anytime...


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