Friday, May 8, 2015

Our Picks For Best And Worst Children Books In 2015

Looking for some good books to get your children started reading this summer? Our staff sifted through stacks of upcoming titles to highlight the winners and point out the duds.

Young readers will get a kick out of learning their ABCs while learning to count. As a bonus, it has a section that'll help children learn about the importance of seafood freshness. B+

Explaining to children where their pets go when they die can be a tricky topic to cover. Luckily, everyone's favorite giant red dog is here to help. A-

Sure we all had a pocketful of blood at one time or another when we were kids, but this book doesn't cover what you should do with it. Plus it's full of cutesy misspellings which will just confuse the child who's learning to read. D-

The niche might be a little narrow on this one. But if your relative was recently devoured by bears, this book is the best way to help your kids understand nature. C-

Unanimously our top pick, The Killing Tree uses clever rhymes and fun drawings to tell the terrifying history behind Bella in the Wych Elm. A+

What were they thinking when they published this book? It teaches children that it's okay to go back on your promise. Without the suicide, it's just like reading this book: Murder. D+


  1. I was trying to pick a favorite but couldn't. They're all hilarious

  2. The Killing Tree sounds like my kind of book.

    Now if I could just find my spray paint...


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