Thursday, November 12, 2015

Movie Reviews From The Future: Boring 2: White Paper

What we said then: 

"While the movie was entertaining, it failed in other ways too. Unlike its predecessor, 'Boring: Chalk on Chalk,' Boring 2 is actually, rather interesting. In particular I enjoyed the scene where Thomas (Jude Law) is being held hostage by Korean submarine captain Han (Song Kang-ho) and is forced, at gun point, to write a paper deconstructing his own captivity. Furthermore, Denzel shines in the role of Mort Decklin, the dean of a community college who finds his world shattered when a student turns in the titular essay.

"Sadly, the film is an action and drama-packed blast from start to finish. Not at all what I'd hoped for from the sequel to one of the dullest movies ever. I regretfully give it 4.5 out 5. "

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