Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Will the next Tomb Raider movie rule or suck?

OK so it might not be the news that the movie world was holding its breath for, but it seems like the Hollywood elite have decided to give the Tomb Raider franchise another go with a revamped movie about Lara Croft due to come out in 2018.

Although the details are still kind of sketchy, there’s plenty of rumors about the movie out there. So after an exhaustive bout of research on movie blogs, rumor mills and even some gaming sites, it seems like it’s just about time to deliver a verdict on whether the next Tomb Raider movie will rule or suck!

Reasons why it will rule

Alicia Vikander

So she might not be quite as iconic as Angelina Jolie, but the Swedish actress has pretty much taken over Hollywood in just a handful of movies with her role as the robot Ava in the Ex Machina film showing us how she could make a pretty cool Lara Croft.

Scandinavian cool

Another reason why the next Tomb Raider movie might not be the critical disaster of the previous films is that it will be directed by the Norwegian Roar Uthaug. The film-maker not only has the coolest name ever, but he’s also directed stylish disaster movies like The Wave which suggest that the next Tomb Raider could have a touch of Scandinavian style that will stop it being yet another Hollywood gaming misfire - A certain Warcraft movie anyone?

It’s Tomb Raider!

Whilst any Tomb Raider movie is going to get a critical kicking, the sheer fun of the Tomb Raider games means that any film will always entertain its die-hard fans. After all, the franchise even appeared as a successful slots game to be found online at Lucky Nugget Casino, so it’s hard to see how the multi-million dollar 2018 cinematic revamp can fail!

Reasons why it might suck

No plot

Although the franchise might work as an online casino game, there’s always the chance that Time Warner could screw it up by making similar mistakes to what happened with the recent Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad movies where the plot got drowned out in the explosions and ego-fuelled action scenes.

Too boring?

And finally, it looks like the movie might suck as it’s thought that it will do the somewhat boring thing of exploring the origins of the Lara Croft character as a way of giving us a more in-depth picture of her character. Certainly not as much fun as those casino games or dungeon-roaming adventures!

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