Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Depth: Bridges vs Tunnels




Bridge Pros:

  • The view can be amazing depending upon location
  • There's always a clear shot of where you're headed 
  • Not claustrophobic
  • The architecture is almost always worth a look
  • Many bridges are tourist sites all in themselves, giving you bragging rights

Bridge Cons:

  • It's a straight drop
  • Acrophobic
  • I've seen "The Mothman Prophecies" and that would suck
  • Many bridges are tourist sites all in themselves, meaning traffic
  • By the last estimates, roughly a quarter of the bridges in the US need repair
  • Trolls are notorious for living underneath and eating goats that attempt to cross

Tunnel Pros:

  • It's like travelling through another realm
  • It can be quicker, cutting the distance
  • Can be more durable than bridges
  • Supposed to be safer
  • Not acrophobic

Tunnels Cons:

  • Ugly, nothing to see
  • Claustrophobic 
  • I've seen "Daylight" and that would suck
  • Getting stuck in traffic underneath a large body of water, or under a mountain... not fun
  • Dwarfs are notorious for living in underground tunnels and robbing people who pass through

After reviewing all the pros and cons you can see that there's no clear winner. I would suggest as the best alternative to plan for extra time and just go around said object.


  1. Every time I visit my mom on Long Island, I have to cross the George Washington Bridge. I'm always so nervous for some reason. Today it was super windy, I like PRAYED I'd make it across. I'm such a freak!

  2. I hate bridges too. going back and forth between Michigan and Canada meant the choice between the two. Somehow I never could get behind either one.

    Maybe someone should start a support group. Haha

  3. Tunnels are evil. Mines, tunnels, anything under the ground or under the water is just a death waiting to happen. I would rather drive over an ice covered lake (and I have) than go through a tunnel.

    I keep thinking of this bridge in China that had a jumper who stopped traffic for several hours as the police tried to talk him down. After one guy waiting in his car had had enough he went past the cops, up the bridge and just pushed the guy off himself. Problem solved.

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