Monday, December 28, 2009

Review: The cashier at the checkout lane next to mine

I think her name was Beth or Meg. I know they're not really that similar, but when your a lane over, the distance is just far enough to blur the lines on a name tag. She had curly brown hair hanging down to her shoulders which she had pulled behind her ears. She was slim and sort of pretty in that 'I shouldn't be pretty' sort of way. Her voice, what I heard of it, was like cut crystal, tinkling at a dinner party.

Her mannerisms with the customer she was checking out was the very definition of customer service. I watched as she joked with a customer, making them feel secure. She asked them questions, ever so subtly trying to push product no one needs but will buy on impulse. When they were through she bagged their items and began with the next in line.

She was amazing. With style and flair she quickly dispatched customers with speed and precision. I marveled at how she didn't seem to get tired or waiver. With all the grace and skill she showed to these consumers I had to wonder (while still backed up in a line behind a woman who had two carts and was trying to pay with a maxed out credit card) why she was such a bitch to me?

See I had originally stopped at her register, and she had pointed to her light which was blacked out. She asked me to go to a line that had six people backed up in it. Figuring she had gone off duty and probably already balanced her drawer, I obliged. A few seconds later someone pulled up to her lane and she turned on her light, welcoming the procession. See, she had just started her shift and simply didn't want to handle me. So instead of allowing me to wait 30 seconds and be done, I spent twenty minutes in a different line.

Meg or Beth, or whoever you are; with your curly brown hair and your 'shouldn't be pretty' looks; I have no choice but to rate you 1 out of 10*

*I actually would have rated her with a -4 but I can't deny how she handled the other customers.


  1. How rude. I hate it when that crap happens. That kind of thing would have gotten me cussed out when I worked register.

  2. Awww, that's so upsetting. You totally faked me out in the beginning of this post, I thought for sure she was gonna do something sweet to you :(

  3. Misdirection... that's how I roll.

  4. Damn, you two could have had something. That was stone cold brother.


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