Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gadget Corner (Marvels of Non-Innovation)

From time to time I have odd ideas for inventions that would benefit mankind. I've decided to post some of these ideas and let you judge for yourself.


The Pitch:

One thing I've noticed is that people love to use blankets as pillows and conversely pillows as blankets. Thus I propose to end the charade by making a blanket out of pillows that can be used for both.

Product's Name: The Spanket

Targeted demographic: Snuggie wearers


The Pitch:

How many times have you been wandering down the street only to be struck by the urge to grill something? Maybe you're at a restaurant with friends and you've decided your chicken would taste better grilled. No problem, my fully functional keychain gas grill has you covered.

Product Name: Hibachi Jr.

Targeted Demographic: Sportsmen, Chefs, and Pyromaniacs


The Pitch: 

At some point someone invested the single cup coffee pot, but what if you're walking through the country, thirsty as all get out, and you happen to spy a cow? With this simple invention you have a single cup size pump. No need to touch the udder yourself. Just slip the cup under the udder and the suck-top lid will do the work for you.

Product Name: Cup-O-Cow

Targeted Demographic: Children... Adults... who doesn't enjoy fresh milk?


  1. Soooo ok TS.. After reading this.. I'm realllly starting to question your sanity lol! This was FUNNY! Loved it!!!


  2. Thank you, and don't worry, I question it all the time. lol

  3. What a great resource!


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