Friday, October 7, 2011

Real Steel, Human Centipede 2, Ides of March: Weekend Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

1911 (limited) - Chan directing Chan. It's a Chan sandwich.

The Human Centipede 2 (limited) - Tempting, but I think I'm gonna pass.

The Ides of March - I'm not even going to feign interest.

Real Steel - Who doesn't like them Rockem Sockem Robots?

The Swell Season (limited) - I'm so there if it plays nearby.

I've been a bit busy this past week and probably will be for the next couple of weeks. As such I've decided to let Artificial TS fill in for me. He's a lot like me but let ficial. 

Some crazy, crazy thoughts there ATS. But in my opinion, perfectly valid.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That was pretty clever! I'm with you on the Human Centepide. It takes a lot to upset my stomach and just the thought of this movie makes me want to hurl...

  2. HC 1 was not nearly as bad as what people were saying. That movie could have been way worse, which is, I suppose, the point of part 2. I won't pay money to see it, but I might watch it for free, if I was bored, and there was nothing else on, and my wife was not around, and the same goes for the kids.

    The Swell Season. I loved the movie Once. It was great.

  3. This post is beyond weird, and for that, I commend you.

    Is Real Steel for kids or does it just look like the stupidest movie on the planet?

  4. You are a genius most times but this post has really put you over the top for me, buddy. Way to continue to be fresh while advancing your brand. Great stuff. I laughed till I cried.

  5. I get what you mean about wishing you could unsee things. Great post.

  6. Aren't you the clever guy? Getting that robot to fill in for you. I think the rockem sockem robots one is in my future....I've got 3 boys and a girl who thinks she is a boy and they are DYING to see it. Happy Friday!

  7. @Pat, Thanks. Yeah it looks pretty nasty.

    @Budd, I never watched it on principle but I know the first one was supposed to be more about the idea rather than execution. So the fact the second one is taking a shot at people complaining about that... I just got no desire.

    @Camel, Thank you, I do try. Real Steel is a family movie. It's had some good word, but I just got no desire.

    @Kal, That's high praise indeed. Thank you very much sir!

    @Belle, Thank you!

    @Stacy, A couple of my friends have already seen it and informed me it's pretty decent. Let me know if you like it.

  8. CHAN SANDWICH! HA. That was the best thing I've read all morning.

  9. Everybody thinks of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots! Like the Chan sandwich.

  10. Isn't there an oxymoron somewhere in a movie named "The Ides of March" being released in October - - - and NOT EVEN on the 15th at that???????

    This has been bugging me ever since I saw the first commercial for this movie.

  11. I have yet to see Human Centipede 1.

  12. I am in for Ides and Steel...the rest not so much. And nothing named the Human Centipede will ever see my eyes. Thank you and good night.

  13. Ha ha the many faces of TS.

    Hubby thinks the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots will be a cute movie. I'll watch anything (almost) with George and Ryan in it. ;)

  14. I wish Chan would stop acting now so that I can relive his glory days, given his son is acting in movies now. he like those furry toys i buy for my nephews?...
    If showing ides in oct can save the movie at the box office, the makers are in for a huge surprise, aren't they?
    The robot or the clone??...sounded just like you.

  15. haha fantastic - this post is awesomely weird.

    ATS should come back from the kitchen from time to time to write

  16. That was a fun and perfectly valid post. Great work.


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