Friday, March 16, 2012

21 Jump Street, Jeff, Who Lives At Home, Casa de mi Padre: 7 Word Weekend Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Casa de mi Padre (limited) - Even if it sucks, it'll be awesome. 

Jeff, Who Lives At Home (limited) - Hey, I think I know that guy.

21 Jump Street - That's next door to Sesame Street, right?

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It's a rare weekend that boasts 3 movies worth seeing, but there they are, here we are, and away we go.

Casa de mi Padre is Will Ferrell's Spanish comedy that spoofs telenovelas, but plays it straight. I've heard several mixed opinions on it, but I've wanted to see it since the first preview last year.  Granted it's written and directed by a couple of ex SNL writers, and following the law of averages, that's not a good thing. However it's not based on any sketch which raises it's chances of being good. As does the casting of Gael Garcia Bernal, who I've long enjoyed, even in the crappiest of films. I don't expect it to be a laugh a minute type of film, but more of a quiet fun. And I'm always up for that.

Course I also love a good gut buster as well which is exactly what 21 Jump Street promises to be. Who would have thought when the idea of a movie based on that show starring Jonah Hill, would be anything but bad? I seriously have not seen one bad review of the film. Despite my odd rant about Channing Tatum largely choosing off putting roles for himself, I can under the right conditions enjoy his performance. And despite my really having tired of Jonah Hill for the most part, here he seems to be putting his usual annoying character in the backseat in favor of something better. Alls I know is, I think it should be a blast.

Finally there's Jeff, Who Lives At Home, which could be summed up as a man goes to pick up some wood glue and fate takes control. Which is like saying nothing at all really. It's a dramedy starring Jason Segel and Ed Helms. Rather than going into more detail, take a look at the trailer:

It's from the Duplas brothers who also made the excellent Cyrus. It just looks like my kind of film altogether.

Course all will be forgotten when Hunger Games is released next week. What, me and my attention span go together like

Have a great weekend!


  1. The lack of bad reviews for 21 Jump Street stuns me.

  2. That Will Ferrell movie is the first movie I've wanted to see of his in a long time.

    Also, I had no idea 21 Jump Street would get ANY good reviews let alone ALL good reviews.

    And the Jason Segel movie? I hadn't even heard of it till now.

    Very informative stuff. Cheers!

  3. I am so waiting for the Hunger Games!!

  4. A great week ahead...
    Would love to see John Carter on the big screen...sigh. you go ahead and enjoy those hungry games people play.

  5. I don't think I can bring myself to pay to see Will Farrell in anything.
    I hope 21 Jump Street is good and I think Hunger Games will be good.

  6. Oh man, I'm such a Jeff. *shame* XD

    The first two I've been wanting to see but that is now overshadowed by my need to see the last movie.

    And poor Andy Bernard....everyone always cheats on him. ;_; ..Well except for Erin.


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