Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness for Politics

In honor of March Madness, we are doing our own version of brackets all this month. This time, we figured that since we’re in the middle of an election (here in the US), we should do one in honor of politics as well. Campaign slogans are usually pretty dull, merely using the word “change” and a pithy little phrase. But some candidates got more creative, and so today’s printer-friendly bracket is set up to help you decide which politician, in US history, had the best presidential campaign slogan. Enjoy. (And let us know your results.)


  1. Impossible to top "Who is James K. Polk." That's just the best right there.

  2. Tipacanoe and Tyler too. I have a 13 year old cousin named tyler and I always ask him where tipacanoe is. One day he will get it.

  3. Who is James K. Polk? Has to be the winner!


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