Friday, August 3, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, Total Recall and Positivity Abounds: 7 Word Review

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days - How many movies does this make, 90?

Total Recall - Somehow this seems familiar... (Couldn't be helped)

There are also, not one, but two, Christian Slater films in limited release this weekend. Is that a chill I feel in the air, mayhap a bad moon a rising?

Last week someone dared to be honest with me about my blog, and even though I have released my minions to track down the person and destroy him, my therapist says I should talk about it instead. So I sent my minions off to kill my therapist as well. Unfortunately, I am now having killer’s remorse. Which is distressing. Which means I could use some therapy. But since I’m fresh out of shrinks, and the cops recently shut down my meth lab, the only relief I guess I’m going to get is to go ahead and address the death-penalty-worthy comment that was left here last week.

It appears that it appears that I appear to be frequently negative in my review of movies. Apparently. But that opinion, in itself, was not quite enough to send out my murderous minions. It was the additional viewpoint suggesting that I don't like a lot of films. Even if that were true—and I was unjustified in ordering an execution—is preferring quality over quantity a bad thing? And in my heart I feel that I have so often tried to make a point of highlighting little films that have fallen by the wayside unnoticed. (*patting myself on the back*) Personally, in this particular column I've always felt its negative/positive nature has a lot to do with what movies I'm presented with each week. Take the two wide releases this week. Are they likely going to round out that movie nerd collection of yours? Is Diary of a Wimpy Kid part 3 going to fit snugly tucked in between your Criterion Collection copy of "8 1/2" and Waking Life?

Now, perhaps, just perhaps, I was a bit rash in my execution order. The truth is, to a degree, I agree with the comment. After all I haven't really had time to do much blogging in recent months. I love what I've done here with TNR and have tried to keep it going on some level till I figure out what I want to do with it from here. In doing so I've cut down a lot on actually reviewing things, and writing my more comical and whimsical posts. In truth for the past few weeks I've been thinking of doing away with the 7 word column altogether, or at the very least, changing gears. It's something I'm mulling over anyway. That said, this week, I'm going to take the comment to heart, and write positive, flowing outlooks for the two wide releases.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days... Has it been this long since the release of the last film? The book series has been a popular choice among grade schoolers for many years, as have the films. Fun for parents and kids alike! This time around the film focuses on the third and fourth books in the series. Greg, out of school must endure the worst summer of his life! I've so missed these characters and the wacky, in no way bland, storytelling. A theatrical feast for the whole family to be sure!

Did you hate the original Total Recall? You didn't?! Well than good news, cause it's back, and this time with new faces! The Visionaries (with a capital V) have promised a movie more true to the original Philip K. Dick story than the original. If there's one thing Hollywood has gotten right, it's Dick adaptations. And with the new film upgraded to PG13 instead of that nasty R the original was burdened with, you know it's another fun family feature. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why they ever cast Schwarzenegger in a role that Colin Farrell was born to play. 

By the way, did you spot the oranges? Just wanted to see if anyone would notice. 

Next week features more movies and another chance at box office redemption. have a great weekend everyone. 


  1. What oranges?
    I take your reviews and movie comments as they were given - with snarky humor.
    Still not sure about seeing Total Recall tonight. Reviews have not been good although I live the director's Underworld movies. And Kate. A lot.

  2. Oh no! Don't do away with 7 word reviews! I love them. They're perfect for the ADD riddled child in all of us. haha.

  3. Ignore critical comments. I do. I liked the first Total Recall because the story was new and interesting. I may like this second one better. I like your 7 word reviews.

  4. Send the minions, you were justified. I love your reviews even when you are wildly wrong!! I also loved the first Total Recall. I may only see the new one because I enjoy Colin Ferrell movies

  5. Oranges? What oranges? Why are you talking about oranges? I personally love your 7 word reviews and your snarky humor. Tell it like you feel it. I would like to see the new Total Recall. My friend went to see it and really liked it. Unfortunately my kids are DYING to see the new Diary movie so, again unforunately, I will probably be seeing it in the near future. I will think of you and your uplifting review while I watch it...LOL HUGS!

  6. As I'm currently suffering from a bout of scurvy, noticed the oranges right away...
    Not that I think it needed a do-over, I'll see Total Recall just because.

  7. Total thank you...I have to still recover from the first Martian disaster.


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