Monday, August 6, 2012

Proof is in the Proof: Bigfoot

The Non-Review has recently been on an extended assignment to try to track down many legendary creatures, and then confirm or deny their existence. Well, it has been a rousing success.

How have we succeeded where so many others have failed? 
Most people weren't looking in the right places.

Proof of Bigfoot is in the proof we just proved. You can't argue with that.


  1. I saw that dude at the mall last week!

  2. I would swear he was the guy at the car wash yesterday...freakity!!!

  3. Hahahahahah!!!

    Hubby just found him in a BP gas station the other day - - -

    He was eating up all the Jack Links.

  4. Not only is he real, he's got some nice kicks also...

  5. Well, he has his furry armour for the coming winter handy.

  6. I thought it was bigfoot I saw bowling last week. He bowled a 260. He brought his own ball and everything.

  7. The funniest part is the guy NOT taking a pic of Bigfoot.


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