Friday, September 21, 2012

Dredd 3D, Trouble With The Curve, End of Watch, House at the End of the Street: 7 Word Weekend

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Dredd 3D - Is its title trying to warn me?

End of Watch - Wait, this title is a warning too!

Trouble with the Curve - Seriously? Another warning? It can't go on...

How to Survive a Plague (limited) - Well, that is slightly optimistic I guess.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (limited) - There we go. Now we're getting somewhere.

House at the End of the Street - Gil Bellows?! Oh why do I bother...

Worth noting I suppose that I do want to see films 1-3, eventually. Not in theaters. I'd also like to see Perks. The other two can fall by the wayside. I've heard surprisingly good things for Dredd 3D. Largely that it knows it's not supposed to be taken seriously, and revels in that fact. So it should be a fun mindless flick. End of Watch is supposed to have an amazing performance from Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm usually not too keen on cop dramas, but with all the praise it's getting I'm interested.

I hate baseball, think it's boring, but I love baseball themed films. I think there's a touch of irony in there somewhere, but I'll leave you to figure that out. So yeah, I'm all into Trouble with the Curve. I considered some empty chair joke about Clint Eastwood here, but decided against it. Those were tired by the evening of the next day. You can thank me later for my discretion.

As for the other films... I believe I promised you a banjo playing monkey. Well here he is, featured on the cover of his gold selling album of 1974:

Johnny: Hello, I'm Johnny the Monkey [applause]. I was asked to give my opinion on some of the movies out this weekend. You think I have time for this kind of crap? I was the biggest concert draw from 1974 to 1975. But I guess they were kind enough to invite me so here goes. 

All I can tell you about Perks of Being a Wallflower is to be careful of that Emma Watson. I hear she's the most dangerous female on the internets. But then I warned you all years ago she was a witch and should be burned. Right alongside that naked, little, horse riding Radcliffe. Never trust a naked horse rider folks. This is experience talking. 

I do like that Jennifer Lawrence, but House at the End of the Street also features Gil Bellows and Elizabeth Shue. I keep wondering what rock Shue crawled out from under. It couldn't have been terribly uncomfortable for her to have stayed there as long as she has. Maybe she's like one of those crabs that sleeps for years at a time before emerging to feed for a short time. Is that crabs? I can't remember. Might have been that monster from Jeepers Creepers

The How to Survive a Plague film is about AIDS. My people still get blamed for that crap by ignorant humans. You know I once got asked if AIDS was caused by someone screwing a monkey? First of all, we don't go in for that kind of thing. Secondly, we've got enough problems getting nits out of each others fur to worry about creating new viruses, thank you.

Well that's pretty much it I guess. My records are still available for purchase. Make sure to introduce your kids to my tunes. They'll thank you when they're older.


Can you believe I actually have a signed copy? He's such a great guy.

So what are your plans this weekend? Off to see one of the many films out? Going to Ticketmaster to hunt for tickets to see Johnny's next concert?


  1. Johnny needs to appear more often!
    Seeing Dredd tonight, but not going to bother with the 3D.

  2. Totally hearing you out on the baseball/sports vs. sports themed movies thing.

  3. Did you purposely deface that Steve Martin album cover for your own amusment??? Thanks for the banjo playing monkey you promised!!!

    1. Chuck, I didn't use the Steve Martin album, but I was trying to get that sort of feel out of the picture so I'll take that as a compliment. Had to do the monkey, I felt like I would be dropping the ball not too. haha

  4. The White Haired Monkey is EVIL. Like the EVIL Henje. The only albino we can trust is Roy Orbison.

  5. Johnny the Monkey! Love it!
    It seems that I've gotten to the point where I pretty much only watch movies at home now. Not sure when that happened or why, but I think maybe I've gotten cheap.Thanks for the "non-review."

  6. I saw DREDD and loved it. It wasn't trying to reinvent the cinematic wheel, but simply reveled in it's B-movie/stylized violence glory and was awesomely entertaining. The 16 year old boy in me had a field day.So much carnage.

  7. I was all excited about the Plague movie until you mentioned it was about aids...sigh...I was hoping more for black plague or something else equally fun. I will probably have to go see Dredd or more realistically wait for it on DVD. Love that monkey!

  8. Johnny is hilarious. Can't wait for his album. I had heard that Emma Watson thing. Thank goodness I don't find her attractive enough to google her.

  9. Now that I know dredd is purposefully mindless, there's actually a chance I'll see it.

    I now want a CD with the words 'life affirming ditties' on it.


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