Friday, September 28, 2012

Looper: 7 Word Weekend

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Hotel Transylvania - Kids movie. Dump kids off, see Looper.

Won't Back Down - Looks inspirational. Wait for video, see Looper.

Looper - Oh my, is that out this week?

You may have noticed I'm slightly enthusiastic about Looper. It's the main film I've wanted to see this year.  I love a good sci-fi movie, and from the reviews I've heard going months back, it's perfectly executed. Even without that though, the previews alone won me. Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks like he nails a young Bruce Willis. I love the plot, the cast, everything looks fantastic. 

Avengers is out this week on DVD, as if I needed to say that. So obviously that's getting watched a lot. However if you're looking for a good movie to take a break with, I recommend Machine Gun Preacher. Great title right? The film is based on the true story of Sam Childers, who was in a biker gang, did drugs, committed violent acts, before converting to Christianity. Shortly afterwards he felt God wanted him to go to Sudan and open an orphanage to help children who were abducted by Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army.

Given his background, and a witness to the atrocities taking place in the Sudan, Childers' approach has been to not shy away from taking up arms against those who mutilate the children and sell them into slavery. As you can well imagine, this film can be quite graphic. And as it shows Childers not just as a Christian, but how he was before, and again as a man struggling to see God in an environment like that, the language is also fairly heavy. Make no mistakes, while this is a movie about a Christian man, it earns its R rating. But it's a good film, and one that deals with a subject that should be spoken about in churches regularly. It is currently available to stream on Netflix, so if you have a free spot in your queue, I highly recommend it.

Plus it stars Gerard Butler, and he's like, totally dreamy and stuff. Like OMG.

Don't ask, it's the start of what should be a long weekend. Speaking of which, Have a great one everybody!


  1. Looper looks pretty darn interesting. I'll be seeing this for sure! I would have never thought about Machine Gun Preacher, but I just might now...

  2. You know who is also dreamy in an older man kind of way? Bruce Willis. I love time traveling movies. I can't get enough of them.

  3. I want to see Looper too maybe not quite as rabidly as you though... lol. Jk. I've heard good things about Machine Gun Preacher too. I would like to see that one too. Hope Looper lives up to your expectations.

  4. What did you think of Looper? (Or if you haven't seen it yet ... ya know, time travel, and then tell me what you think.)

  5. Machine Gun Preacher sounds like a bold and profound contribution to the world.

    Thanks for your support, TS. Glad we are still blog friends.


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