Friday, October 12, 2012

Argo, Seven Psychopaths: 7 Word Weekend

New Movie Releases Reviewed in 7 Words Each

Argo - Affleck continues to shine as a director.

Atlas Shrugged Part II - Ha ha ha ha ha ahhh... Ha.

Here Comes The Boom - Like a boot in the metaphorical berries.

Seven Psychopaths - Concerning psychopaths, frankly one is too many.

I watched an old Debbie Reynolds film shortly ago. There was a bit role in the middle filled by Sterling Holloway. He wasn't in the movie more than like 30 seconds total. Just long enough to feign that he couldn't perform as auctioneer due to laryngitis. What kind of waste of casting is that? We're talking the voice of Winnie the Pooh. An incredible voice that basically made the man's career, and you're going to cast him silent? All that leaves you with is a man who looks like the devil in human form (seriously, if you don't know what he looks like, he always looked wicked, that's why his turn in that Twilight Zone episode is actually pretty creepy). Even in Meet John Doe, a film that came out like 20 years earlier, where his role was minimal as a soda jerk, they let him speak. Such a waste of casting. 

And speaking of voice over work. Flipping around through the On Demand selection of cable and found a half hour cartoon entitled "The Marzipan Pig", from the early 90's and narrated by Tim Curry. Needless to say it got turned on. First of all, I really wished I could have just seen Curry reading this, to a child, with his evil goatee, occasionally glaring at the small child as if he might eat them at any moment, 'cause that's how he sounded. Sure he tried to soften his tone and make it playful, but I've just seen too many of his films not to hear the villainy in his voice. The story itself was pretty creepy. I couldn't help but see a lot of disturbing symbolism in it. Come on, an owl falling in love with a taxi meter and having to pay for a ride... Totally robotic prostitution. It's not Blade Runner for crying out loud. I could dissect the whole short, but I'll spare you, *shudder* and me...

Argo looks good. Affleck has proven to be a great director and this looks like he'll hit another home run. I've heard decent things about Seven Psychopaths, and it could be a fun film if for the cast alone. Here Comes the Boom... I think Kevin James at some point decided he hates humanity. And as far as Atlas Shrugged Part II, well, the less said the better. Still not sure why they bothered with a second part when no one cared about the first. Oh what the heck, let's lay the blame at the feet of Kevin James for that one too. Sound good? Good.

What are your plans this weekend?


  1. TS! Good to hear from you.
    Hitting Argo tonight.

  2. nothing that looks theater worthy. Maybe HBO or DVD.

    Hope you plan to participate in the Scare Me Blogfest.

  3. Argo, yes ... The rest ... the rest I knew I had seen but I always quickly forget them.

  4. I will see Argo and I am looking forward to the 7 Psychos for the cast!!

  5. I would like to see Argo but that won't be happening for awhile...I'm off for my yearly adventure to Arkansas... Doesn't sounds a great as it is!! Have a fun week. Stacy

  6. Affleck? Who woulda thunk?
    7 Psychos sounds offbeat and it might be pretty darn good.


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