Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: The Heat, White House Down

It's probably not a good sign when you start your day with the Super Mario "game over" music playing in your head.

World War Z performed far better than expected. Even though it still has a long way to go before it's actually profitable (especially with all the reshoots) this can be viewed as a victory. Clearly there is interest in watching Brad Pitt run around with bloodless zombies. Does this mean sequel? Seems likely. 

This week sees the release of The Heat, a Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, buddy cop film. Sandra Bullock is a good actress, who I've enjoyed in many a movie. Though in general not someone I watch a film for. Melissa McCarthy on the other hand, I've never made a secret of my dislike for her shtick. Too me it was tired before she even started. That said, the script is penned by Katie Dippold who was a writer for MadTV and Parks and Recreation, so she knows funny. Plus it's directed by Paul Feig who definitely knows funny. I will probably watch it at some point out of theaters, assuming word of mouth is good.

The other film out this week is White House Down, which from the start has looked and sounded like a stupid, big, action film. I've heard comparisons to Die Hard being thrown around which is a good thing. I'll admit, I think it looks like silly fun. The kind of film perfect for sitting in an air conditioned theater, munching on some 40 year old popcorn, and sipping at some sort of liquid that once bore a slight resemblance to water, but could no longer have that mistake made.

As for who wins the weekend... I actually wouldn't count out Monsters University. Kids movies tend to rule, as seen last weekend with Pixar's 2nd best opening. Without a new kids film out, it'll play. The question is, enough to stay number one?

Guess That Movie

Last Week: The film was guessed right off the bat by the "anonymous" Keyser Soze, who humorously declared the Usual Suspects.

This Week:

What are your plans this weekend? Beating the heat by seeing The Heat? Wanna watch the white house get blown up... again? Thinking of skipping movies altogether and living in a monastery for a few years?  


  1. All the reviews I've heard say "White House Down" is the perfect brainless action movie, so it'll do well. I think that's from Suburban Commando?

  2. Maurice probably has the movie right.
    Thought about seeing White House Down tonight, but with two movies next week, decided to take a break.

  3. I'm glad World War Z is getting decent reviews. I loved the book. I have no idea where that picture is from. The man on the left looks like Christopher Lloyd, but I can't place the movie. It's eating me up inside.

  4. I don't have a clue as to what that movie is.
    I'm glad to hear your take on World War Z and the other movies. I need to get to the movies! Thanks Tim!

  5. It looks like World War Z will succeed despite itself. All thanks to Brad Pitt. I want to read the book, the movie doesn't seem to have much to do with it.


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