Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion: Man Of Steel

Sorry, if you came here looking for a discussion about the weekend, you're out of luck. Why, you ask? Because like every good American, I stand for what is right in the world. If that means going out and seeing Man of Steel, than I'm going to sit myself in a theater and ingest popcorn while watching a man in colorful pajamas fly around screen. Superman, one of America's symbols (Illegal alien, crossed our borders, and still welcomed in to the melting pot), who wears his colors proudly, deserves our attention. And if you're a good American, you'll cut work* and go see Superman today.

God bless America.

Oh, and This Is The End came out this week. I wasn't going to see it as I thought it looked self serving and pretentious, but it's surprisingly garnered a lot of good reviews. From people who thought it would be the same thing I've been expecting no less. Not that that changes the fact it's Superman time.

Guess That Movie

Last Week's Answer: No one guessed last week's film which was The Science Of Sleep. The scene is a dream sequence featuring a song about rescuing animals from a shelter. However as I feel Chuck had the best caption for the picture, he wins the round by default.

This Week's Film:

Remember, in addition to naming the film, best caption also receives an extra point.

Quick Site Notice

You may have noticed I've switched back to Disqus for commenting. I understand some people had issues with it before when I used it. They have made some changes so I hope it works better. You have the option to sign in with your google account so commenting should show your blogger/google profile. The reason I've switched is that I've been getting about 20 times the normal amount of spam the last few weeks and I'm wanting to cut that off. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

So what are your plans for the weekend? Do they include a man in tights? Possibly the end of the world?

*Not actually recommended you skip work for the film


  1. No, no, that's funny. I didn't know you were funny.

  2. I'm heading to the theater myself this weekend! The picture wad from Iron Giant and Vin Diesel was great in that film. I love Disqus myself. It's far more inclusive than Blogger.

  3. Easy - The Iron Giant!
    And Man of Steel was awesome. Yes, I ditched work early as instructed and saw it in 3D.

  4. IRON GIANT! DING DING DING....we have a winner!!! lol (jk) What do I win?! A new car? What..? No? Oh darn, I see Alex already got it!! I suppose I can share my new car with him... (hehehe) Oh no! I see Maurice got it is going to be difficult to share my prize with 3 people!!! (I think I'm funny, can you tell?)

    Anyhoo, I have purchased tickets for Superman for Monday. One of my boys is turning 13 and is dying to see it. Is it any good? Did you skip work and go?

    I want to see This is the End too but I'm thinking it isn't kid friendly so I should wait a bit.

    Have a great weekend!! hugs, Stacy

  5. My plans don't include just any man in tights, but THE man in tights!


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