Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Movie Discussion; Monsters University, World War Z

This weekend is going to be fun one for those of us interested in box office. We have two films in wide release, with World War Z and Monsters University.

Most people know some of the issues that have plagued (pun intended) the adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie book. The pushed back date... The rewritten endings... The fact that it really doesn't seem to have anything to do with the book itself. But that's neither here nor there. End of the day World War Z is Brad Pitt globe hopping with his buddies, the zombie horde, all in glorious PG-13. Cause that's how you want zombies, bloodless. A friend who caught a screening said he thought it was "not terrible". This instills great confidence in me. I've seen a lot of reviews that pretty much say the same thing. It doesn't try to follow the format of the book, so there's that. How people weigh out how crappy it looks, effects-wise, let alone as a film, versus the desire to see Pitt do a lot of running away, will be interesting. 

Does it topple Man of Steel which put up good numbers last week but oddly divided people in a way I did not expect? Perhaps. Does it have it in it to be number one? Oh, my no. 

Pixar doesn't have small openings. Kid's movies always rule the box office because it's a family affair. The fact that we have a sequel to one of the most loved Pixar films in Monsters University, means we can expect it to go huge. How huge is the question. I could see it doing 70 million for opening weekend. It will definitely pull some of Man of Steel's audience, but the other side of that is the run off effect. If a show is sold out, another film might get the business, since we're talking kids, that's not going to WWZ.

Which does bring us to how big of a hit does the Man of Steel take? Should be pretty decent. Maybe half of  its last weekend. In the end my guess is it finishes in second with WWZ coming in at a close 3rd. Course with 3 big films out this weekend, we could see a huge total overall. 200 million is not out of the question. As I said, it's an interesting weekend for us box office geeks.

Guess That Movie

Last Week's: Everyone guessed Iron Giant, but no one gave me a caption so no tie breaker presented itself. But let's see how you all do with today's entry.

This Week:

Since the last one was too easy, I tried to make this week's a little harder.

So what's on your docket for this weekend? Planning on seeing monsters or Monsters or aliens? Do you enjoy watching Brad Pitt run away from stuff? 


  1. I hope to see Man of Steel and WWZ this weekend. I really don't care which leads at the box office. I also have no idea why the makers of WWZ would not go for the R rating. It just doesn't make sense. Unless they're looking for all the moms to take their kids.

  2. I like this, with the whole answering as the character. You should keep that up.

  3. Naturally Keyser Soze would get it!
    Seeing World War Z in a couple hours, so I'll let you know. The book sounds dull so hopefully the movie isn't boring. Although they should've gone for the R rating.
    And Monsters University just doesn't look funny. It will make big bucks though.

  4. This should be an interesting weekend with wildly different genres that both involve monsters. My money is on Monsters University.


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